Choose a Zubits closure size according to your size and intended level of activity…

Child/Elder/Some Adults

  • Kids 5-8 years old
  • Low activity, Walking
  • Seniors
  • Light casual shoes

Youth and Adult

  • Ages 8 to adult
  • Best size for most adults including man who run
  • Great for running and going to the gym

Performance/Large adults

  • People above 190 lbs/85 kg
  • For recreational sports
  • You really like tight laces
  • Boots or stiff sole shoes
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Zubits® Size 1 for Kids /...

Recommended for children ages 5 to 8 years or adults using light casual shoes for walking. Also recommended for elder adults or some special needs situations. If the child is highly active or large, consider size #2. When in doubt, try a larger size.

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Zubits® Size 2 for Youth /...

Recommended for ages 9 to adult for running, play, going to the gym, casual shoes, and active use. This is the best size for most adults including men who run. If you are a large adult, have heavy shoes, or want to use Zubits for recreational sports consider size #3.

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Zubits® Size 3 for Large...

Recommended for large people over 190lbs (85kg), or anyone who wants to use Zubits for recreational sports. Size #3 has the most secure hold for active use. The difference with Size #2 is the advantage that it is a little easier to pop off when you want to remove your foot. Size #3 is also recommended for boots or heavier shoes with stiffer soles and...

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