Zubits make it really easy for you to put your shoes on and take them off. No tying, no knots, no more untied shoelaces!

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Jörg H. - "A great thing, for everyone who hates tying shoes it's just the thing. NEVER tying shoes again!"

Chris D. -  "I love Zubits and will definitely get more! Size # 2 thinks 1A for everyday use and they have at least halved the struggle with my shoes in terms of time"

Patrik H.  - "Zubits is one of the few Kickstarter products that has even exceeded my expectations"

No untied laces

No tying

Clean look

Choose a size

Choose a color

Install and CLICK

Choose Zubits that fit your size and purpose ...

Children and seniors

  • Children from 5-8 years
  • Easy going
  • Seniors
  • For special needs

Adolescents and adults

  • From 8 years
  • Optimal size for most adults
  • Perfect for jogging


  • People over 85 kg
  • Athletic use
  • Shoes with a stiff sole
  • For very tightly bound shoes