Size selector - Find your perfect size!

Zubits closures come in three sizes to match your size and intended level of activity.

Larger Zubits closures hold more secure during activity, thus also being a little harder to separate when removing your foot.

Zubits closures are very light (all weigh less than 1.6 ounces per shoe) so people do not notice them on shoes.

How many pounds/Kg do you weigh?

0-29 0-13kg
30+ 14kg+
40+ 18kg+
60+ 27kg+
80+ 36kg+
100+ 45kg+
140+ 64kg+
160+ 73kg+
180+ 82kg+
200+ 90kg+

What is the highest level of activity you will normally use Zubits for?

Indoor only
Fast Walking
Playground Recess play
Running Jogging
Aerobics Gym
Mountain Running
Recreation Sports
Important Sports

How tight do you normally tie your laces?

Very Loose
Very Tight

How heavy are your shoes?

Light Shoes
Casual Shoes
Basketball Shoes
Boots / Soccer

Zubits® Size 1 for Kids / Elders / Some Adults

Recommended for children ages 5 to 8 years or adults using light casual shoes for walking. Also recommended for elder adults or some special needs situations. If the child is highly active or large, consider size #2. When in doubt, try a larger size.

Zubits® Size 2 for Youth / Adults

Recommended for ages 9 to adult for running, play, going to the gym, casual shoes, and active use. This is the best size for most adults including men who run. If you are a large adult, have heavy shoes, or want to use Zubits for recreational sports consider size #3.

Zubits® Size 3 for Large Adults / Sports

Recommended for large people over 190lbs (85kg), or anyone who wants to use Zubits for recreational sports. Size #3 has the most secure hold for active use. The difference with Size #2 is the advantage that it is a little easier to pop off when you want to remove your foot. Size #3 is also recommended for boots or heavier shoes with stiffer soles and people who like to tie laces really tight.

Zubits are NOT recommended for important athletic activity like team sports, football, track, or soccer. If you wish to try, you should use the strongest size. But Zubits are great for distance running sports and triathlons.
Zubits are generally NOT recommended for heavy boots and shoes or hard soled shoes (soccer shoes or cleats). The Zubits could unintentionally pop open. If you wish to try, you should consider size #4.