Frequently Asked Questions

In English, the "Z" is rather soft, so the name in the original sounds like "subits". Of course we also understand the German "Z".

Zubits are tied into the existing laces of your shoes. Take a look at the enclosed guide or our instructional video to find out how to attach Zubits. In principle, it works like this: Remove the top three laces of your shoes; Pull the loose laces through the holes of the Zubits and determine the firmness. Fix the upper end with a knot at the top hole or use the clips attached to it. Then you can cut off the ends of the shoelaces that are too long - alternatively, you can stow the ends in the shoe first, if you are not sure whether you want to cut off your shoelaces.

Running, fitness training, cycling, playground and most recreational sports are no problem for Zubits. Just look at our video and see for yourself. Only the use of football, we would not recommend that the pressure that results in full-span shots under the closure system, could be painful.

Zubits have been designed to be much stronger than normal neodymium magnets. In addition, there are Zubits in three different sizes, so that they can be ordered adapted to the body weight and purpose of the user. Zubits are very strong and secure, but can be easily opened by fiying the heel. The bigger and stronger Zubits are a bit harder to open. If you are concerned about holding power, we recommend ordering Zubits one more number. For shoes with rigid sole, the use of Zubits can be difficult, but it often works well in such cases. Shoes differ greatly in their construction. In case of doubt, the strength should be reduced slightly during the lacing of the Zubits in order to avoid unintentional opening of the magnets. Shop or our size calculator, and find your matching pair of Zubits.

Zubits work on almost every lace-up shoe; With velcro or elastic spikes, however, the use of Zubits is not possible. For big or heavy boots Zubits may not work optimally - but in many cases it works there too. There are many different boot variants and sometimes we ourselves are surprised in which combinations Zubits work flawlessly. Of course we can not try our system on every possible pair of shoes; It just depends on the construction of the shoe. For the most part of all lace-ups there is no problem. The basic rule is that the more flexible the sole is, the better Zubits work.

Zubits are small, fast and easy to use. "Zu" not only means "closed" in German, it also sounds "fast" and "light", while "bits" sounds like "small".

All Zubits sizes weigh less than 23 grams per shoe. The additional weight is hardly or not at all noticeable.

Size 1: 27x23mm; Size 2: 42 x 23mm; Size 3: 46*23mm

Yes, this way you can hang your shoes in different places that you have never thought of before: on the fridge, on the inside wall of your changing locker, doors or metal bars, if they are made of metal. You can also tie the shoes together and hang over a hook. But when the Zubits are closed, they have almost no magnetic force to the outside.

No. Unless you heat it above 80 ° C. Unlike ceramic neodymium magnets, Zubits do not lose their power.

No. Zubits are covered with plastic and thus protected from water and weather.

No. Zubits are a complementary lacing system that you attach to your existing lace-up shoes.

Zubits can be mounted in many different variants. For example, with only two loops at the top and one eyelet at the bottom of the shoes. You can also completely remove the laces and fix the Zubits with cable ties - cut the lace into small pieces and attach each Zubits eyelet separately. We are looking forward to more variants.

Smartphones or other mobile devices can not be affected by magnets because they no longer use magnetic drives. Only hard-disk drives or magnetic storage media such as floppy disks or cassettes could be damaged. This also applies to credit cards and other cards with magnetic strips. We therefore recommend to keep credit cards at least 5 cm away from opened Zubits. Closed Zubits have virtually no magnetic forces.

When closed Zubits magnets exert virtually no forces. Not even a small screw would stick to closed Zubits. The magnets were designed exclusively on the holding surfaces. However, leaving the Zubits open, the magnets naturally attract metallic objects in the immediate vicinity. However, it is not a problem to remove them again.

Of course! Use the same Zubits on new shoes when you dispose of the elderly. Zubits usually survive a variety of shoes :)